New Year SMS...

Year’s end is neither an end

Year’s end is neither an end

nor a beginning

but a going on,

with all the wisdom

that experience

can instill in us.

Happy New Year



With all the Rose’s Perfume

With all the Rose’s Perfume

& with all the lights in the world

& with all the children Smiles…

I Wish U that your all dreams comes True..




Nights are Dark but Days are Light

Nights are Dark but Days are Light,

Wish your Life will always be Bright.

So my Dear don’t get Fear

Coz, God Gift us a “BRAND NEW YEAR”.




My Wishes in 2o18

My Wishes in 2o18

God gives You…

12 Month of Happiness,

52 Weeks of Fun,

365 Days Success,

8760 Hours Good Health,

52600 Minutes Good Luck,

3153600 Seconds of Joy…and that’s all! ”



Roz roz ka drama nahi hota

2018 is coming


Wish u a very

Happy new year

Valentine’s day


23rd march

14 august

Eid ul fitr

Eid ul azha

Friendship day

Mother, father

Dadi, dada

Nana, nani

Children’s day

Happy b’day

365 good mornings

After noons, evenings’

& nights


Roz roz ka drama nahi

Hota mujh se

Ab pura saal mat kehna

SMS nahi kia



In ‘The Universal Bank of God’…

In ‘The Universal Bank of God’…

God stores his blessings


deposited 365 days full of love,

faith & happiness for you…

So,Enjoy spending…

Happy New Year.



Years come and go

Years come and go,

but this year I specially wish 4 u

a double dose of health n happiness

topped with loads of good fortune.

Have a great year ahead!




Happy New Year 2 u & ur loved ones

May this new year bring many opportunities to your way,

to explore every joy of life


may your resolutions for the days ahead stay firm,

turning all your dreams into reality

and all your efforts into great achievements.

Happy New Year to you & your loved ones.



New rules of life for 2018

New rules of life for 2018

1. Haste Rehne ka.

2. Tension nai leneka.

3. B positive, eat positive, sleep positive

4. Mast rehneka.

5. Har problem ko solve kernay ka.

6. Friend k sath lifetime friendship account kholnay ka

7. Mujhko yaad rakhnay ka

Aur mujhey sms kertay rehnay ka.



Advance happy new year


















1 advance


ki taraf

se aap ko


Advance “happy new year”



We will open the book of 2018

We will open the book.

Its pages are blank.

We are going to put words on them ourselves.

The book is called Opportunity


its first chapter is New Year’s Day.



Apne 2017 k gunah dhonay k liye

Apne 2017 k gunah dhonay k liye 99

bar is mantar ka wird karain

“East or west, Saqib is the best”

Ab edit ker k is msg mein

apna naam dal k aur gunah mat karna:p


Thre have been many time in 2017

There have been many time in 2017

when I may disturbed you

troubled u

irritated u

bugged u




today I just wanna tell you




I plan to continue it in 2018



Mubarak ho aap ko 2018, 2017 k bad

Sunehri dhoop barsaat k bad,

thori si hansi her baat ke baad,

usi tarah ho mubarak aap ko 2018, 2017 k baad.

Wish u a Happy new year.



Teray liye New Year ho Super-Duper Hit

Day by day teri khusiya ho jaye Double,

Teri zindagi se delete ho jaye sare Trouble,

Khuda rakkhe humesha tujhe Smart & Fit,

Teray liye New Year ho Super-Duper Hit!!



Let each new year find you a better man

Be always at war with your vices,

at peace with your neighbors


let each new year find you a better man.

Happy New Year



Last sun of 2017

This is last evening of 2017

Last sun of 2017

Has spread its shine

On earth,

Feel remaining

Moments of last day,

Scatter happiness

Best of luck for 2018



Time of new beginnings

Remember the laughter,

the joy,

the hard work,

and the tears.


And as you reflect on the past year,

also think of the new one to come.


Because most importantly,

this is a time of new beginnings

and the celebration of life.”



My wishes for you in year 2018

My wishes for you in year 2018

Great start for Jan,

Love for Feb,

Peace for march,

No worries for April

Fun for May,

Joy for June to Nov,

Happiness for Dec,

Have a lucky and wonderful 2018.



New Year begins

New Year begins,

let us pray that

it will be a year with New Peace,

New Happiness

and abundance of new friends,

God bless you

through out the New Year.



New is d year, new r d hopes & d aspirations

New is the year, new are the hopes and the aspirations,

New is the resolution, new are the spirits and

Forever my warm wishes are for u.

Have a promising and fulfilling new year.



Oh my Dear, Forget ur Fear,

Oh my Dear, Forget ur Fear,

Let all ur Dreams be Clear,

Never put Tear, Please Hear,

I want to tell one thing in ur Ear

Wishing u a very “Happy NEW YEAR“!



A New Year’s Prayer

A New Year’s Prayer


May ALLAH make ur year a happy one!

Not by shielding you from all sorrows and pain,

But by strengthening you to bear it, as it comes;

Not by making your path easy,

But by making you sturdy to travel any path;

Not by taking hardships from you,

But by taking fear from your heart;

Not by granting you unbroken sunshine,

But by keeping your face bright, even in the shadows;



Happy New Year 2018

Like birds, let us,

leave behind what we don’t need to carry…


Life is beautiful, Enjoy it.




4 last year’s words belong 2 last year’s language

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language

And next year’s words await another voice.

And to make an end is to make a beginning.

Happy New Year 2018



2017’s calender is destroyed

Before the golden sun sets,

2017’s calender is destroyed,

And mobile networks get jammed,

I wish in 2018 every moment is enjoyed



I wish U to have a …..

I wish U to have a …..

Sweetest Sunday,

Marvelous Monday,

Tasty Tuesday,

Wonderful Wednesday,

Thankful Thursday,

Friendly Friday,

Successful Saturday.

Have a great Year.




Good time Bad time

Good time Bad time

Day time Night time

Off time Work time

Happy time Sad time

Naye saal main kisi bhi time

Apun ka sms aa sakta hai..!

Bole to happy new year mamu



Wishing you a fabulous 2018

Wishing you a fabulous 2018

with full of great achievements and experiences.

A meaningful chapter waiting

to be written HAPPY NEW YEAR!



Beet gaya jo saal, Bhool jayye

Beet gaya jo saal,Bhul jayye,

Es Nayai Saal ko Gale lagayye,

Karte hain duwa hum Rab se sar jhuka kay…

Es Saal ka Sare Sapne pura ho Aap kay.




Dedoon Jadu Ki jhappi do char

Aa gale lag ja mere yaar,

Dedoon Jadu Ki jhappi do char,

Aaise hi katjaye Zindegi without any risk

Es ummid ke sath Wish You a ……